Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kevin Garnett Diappointment?

There will be a lot of disappointed Timberwolves fans if Kevin Garnett doesn’t travel to the Target Center for Friday nights Timberwolves Celtics match-up. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Garnett will not play again until his health is "100 percent”, which might not be until after the NBA All-Star break.

Wolves fans were looking forward to the big game and many fans paid big bucks for tickets. I am sure this is putting a dent in local ticket brokers like Ticket King. Last night I picked up Timberwolves Rockets tickets from them for $20 each and the face was $50! The Ticket King rep said they were just looking to get rid of Timberwolves tickets this year and that they had taken a loss all year. I see the Ticket King guy is even in this Star Tribune article discussing the effects of KG not coming to Minnesota.

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