Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KG Makes Appearance at the Target Center

Kevin Garnett appeared for a mere minute and a half at the Target Center on Friday night as the Timberwolves hosted the Boston Celtics. KG stood and soaked in the applause from the crowd, pounding his fist over his heart several times acknowledging his Minnesota fan base. The Target Center definitely had more fans than usual for this Timberwolves season (it was standing room only – that is a definite first this year) and a lot fans were donning the green and white Garnett Celtics jersey, but I am willing to bet if we counted them all up, there were more Blue and Gray #21 Garnett Timberwolves jerseys than anything else.

After receiving the standing ovation Garnett disappeared into the locker room for the remainder of the night and did not even speak with reporters. I was having visions of a chanting crowd yelling "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin," but it never happened and the game got under way.

The Timberwolves lost to the Boston Celtics 88-86 due to a last second layup by Celtics Powe. It was the second time the Timberwolves had lost to the Celtics this season in such a close and dramatic fashion. This Timberwolves fan is glad that both NBA teams and the powers that be did the right thing by having Kevin Garnett at the game, because really what is the NBA without fans? Shouldn’t they be happy, too?

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