Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Timberwolves are Undefeated

A text exchange occurred between my Timberwolves buddy and myself this morning, it went like this:

ME: The Timberwolves are undefeated this year.
HIM: April Fools, fool.
ME: No, really they are.
HIM: Whatever.
ME: The Timberwolves have NOT lost a game in 2009, record: 3-0
HIM: Dork.
HIM: But you are right. I can’t believe they have a winning streak.
ME: Let’s hope they win tonight at home. Fans need a win.
HIM: Fans may need more than ONE win.
ME: That would be FOUR in a row.
HIM: That would be cool. GTG.

If took me a few minutes to realize that GTG was “got to go” and not some special code for a Gomes Telfair Gomes pass shoot sequence. Anyway, I was checking out Timberwolves Ticket prices and I see you can get half price tickets to tonight’s game. They have center court seats listed at $69 each and I know the face value of those is $125 each. I wish I could rearrange my night and go, but I will probably watch at home. The Wolves are on FSN tonight. GO WOLVES!

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