Thursday, March 26, 2009

Timberwolves Season Almost Over, I am Ready to Look Ahead

The Minnesota Timberwolves have won exactly two games in the month of March – TWO! I just keep asking myself "is the season over yet?" The answer is almost. There are only 5 home games left, ten games total.

I am already looking ahead to next season and I am sure the Timberwolves owner and organization is doing the same. My big question is what will Glen Taylor do to bring this team back from extinction? I don’t think an exciting draft pick will be enough. I don’t think cheap ticket prices will be enough. I don’t think a new mascot or a new jersey will be enough.

I think a new head coach may be enough to at least get people to care and then some consecutive Target Center victories will be essential in getting the fan base back. Think about how well that equation worked for Gopher Basketball team – Tubby + Victories = FAN SUPPORT and SOLD OUT BARN.

Anyone think Flip Saunders could be running the Timberwolves clipboard next year? Please someone help us.


manofleisure said...

I definitely share your thoughts on bringing Flip back. That would drum up some interest and it is a smart basketball move.

Thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar, wolvesfan. I'll add yours to my sidebar so my link to your site doesn't get forgotten as I add more posts.

wolvesfan said...

Let's start a bring Flip back campaign!