Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheap Timberwolves Tickets = Wolves Organization Desperation

I am on the Timberwolves marketing email list (as are most loyal Timberwolves fans, I presume) and the other day I got an email about cheap Timberwolves tickets. Here is the deal:

The Wolves are offering you an exclusive opportunity to test drive next season's Early Bird pricing. Purchase single game tickets at the special rate below to any of these three home games: Wolves vs. Mavericks (Mar. 31), Wolves vs. Nuggets (Apr. 5) or Wolves vs. Kings (Apr. 15).

$100 seats for $60
$70 seats for $35
$50 seats for $20
$35 seats for $10
$20 seats for just $5

Enter your password EARLYBIRD

It’s clear desperation has set in. There are no fans at the Target Center so the Wolves are begging us to come. $5 is crazy cheap (it’s really $9 total after you pay a $4 service fee), but still $9 - that’s pretty cheap. I think I am going to go on Sunday when the Timberwolves tip-off against the Denver Nuggets.

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