Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timberwolves Becoming Nonexistent in Market

I am pretty sure no one is reading this Timberwolves Blog. I am pretty sure no one even cares about the Timberwolves any more. I hardly see any news coverage on them. Even perpetual cheerleader Mark Rosen gives them about 5 seconds of his sports cast these days.

The Wolves are back at the Target Center on Sunday at 2pm. I bet there will be about 16 fans there. Let’s face it the Wolves can’t compete with other more exciting events happening around town on Sunday. Most basketball fans will be at the NCAA Tournament on the other side of town at the Metrodome or hockey aficionados will be across the river at the Xcel Energy Center watching the Minnesota Wild take on the Edmonton Oilers. Heck, watching paint dry may be more amicable than watching the Timberwolves play.

If you happen to go to the game, comment me! Let me know how the crowd looks.


manofleisure said...

I recently found this blog as I was doing a little research for starting my own Timberwolves blog. It is hard to find more than a few that get updated regularly. Looks like you keep yours up to date so I'll definitely check it out from time to time.

If you're interested, you can check mine out ( Looks like we picked the same template. I'm changing the appearance little by little so hopefully I won't look like a copycat for too much longer.

Good luck with your blog and go Wolves!

wolvesfan said...

Thanks for the comment and the link in your blog! I will add your blog to my sidebar. I try to update once a week, but some times it's hard to put forth the effort when the Timberwolves suck so bad!