Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Timberwolves will replace McHale

Ok, my blog post title could be a little misleading (you were thinking new head coach, right?), but I personally have been waiting for this announcement (text courtesy Star Trib):

“Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor plans to hire a basketball personnel decision-maker to replace former vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale and predicts it will be "sooner rather than later" in the time between next week's regular-season finish and the June 25 draft.”

The Timberwolves need a GOOD DECISION maker if this team has any hope of NBA survival. McHale was not the right guy for the job – he may be an OK coach, but he did not (does not) have the player selection strategy talents that the team needs.

I haven’t heard a lot of rumbling about McHale coming back next year as the head coach – what are the odds? 3:1 ?

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