Thursday, April 16, 2009

Timberwolves Season Ends, Did Anyone Notice?

The Timberwolves finished up the season with guess what? A loss. The Timberwolves team continues to be a disappointment to this otherwise loyal Minnesota basketball fan. Doug Stone from the STrib wrote a good piece about the Timberwolves becoming irrelevant – here is an excerpt:

“In a town with loyal sports fans who tend to give the hometown team the benefit of the doubt, the Wolves, under Taylor and McHale, have accomplished the seemingly impossible: made the team irrelevant. People don’t seem to care anymore. And with Tubby Smith heating things up at the Barn at the U and the Wild retooling next winter with a new coach, it will take more than Taylor’s ad campaign featuring his personal guarantee of cheap tickets to bring back the fans.”

He’s right, people don’t care any more and it’s going to take A LOT to get them to care. A new head coach and cheap tickets are only the beginning, I am afraid.

Just because the Timberwolves season is over doesn’t mean I am giving up on my Timberwolves blog. I will update weekly – how valuable the update will be is debatable. I still care (a little) about the blue team and I don’t mean the Twins.

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manofleisure said...

I agree that cheap tickets and a new coach won't raise interest. Even a new GM from outside the organization won't help much. The only thing that will raise interest long term is winning. Snaring Blake Griffin or Ricky Rubio in the draft might help short term, but another poor start would drive away any new fans that came on due to draft lottery luck. Just lingering near .500 for the first couple months next season may be enough to make people take notice. (It's sad that reaching .500 would now be considered an achievement.)