Thursday, May 21, 2009

Timberwolves Draft Luck Stinks

It’s no secret that the Minnesota Timberwolves draft luck stinks – all local basketball fans can recite mistakes and misfortunes of NBA draft pasts.

This year, though, I had hope. Hope that died quickly as we were projected at no. 5 and we received No. 6 . I blame Kevin Love – I am sorry Timberwolves fans, but I do not love Mr. Love – he isn’t all that special and the fact that he isn’t lucky either is one more strike against him.

I was strangely optimistic that the Timberwolves would be No. 1, 2 or 3 this year – I was even considering buying cheap Timberwolves tickets because I was so sure I could get into the wolves games for $1 … well, maybe I wasn’t that sure and that’s why I never bought the seats, but I just cant’ help but think the Timberwolves luck has got to change at some time – RIGHT?!?!?!?


manofleisure said...

Maybe Kevin Love just brought luck to the wrong team. He brought nail clippers for his lucky charm, and who gets the number 1 pick? Of course it was the L.A. Clippers!

wolvesfan said...

I never thought of that! Man of Leisure - you are so clever!

Rajendhar Mamidala said...

comments for nothing