Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minnesota Timberwolves welcome new head coach Kurt Rambis

David Kahn made good on yet another one of his promises this week, giving hope to all Timberwolves fans that maybe this really is the season for a major turn-around. On Tuesday the Minnesota Timberwolves officially announced the Kurt Rambis with over a decade of NBA experience would be the new head coach this season.

Rambis told reporters, "This opportunity could not be passed up. And I wasn't going to let it pass up. I did everything I possibly could to get this job and I am incredibly excited to be here." Commenting also that he was eager to lead a franchise that hadn't been shaped by ego and personality. Rambis noted that while working with LA Lakers he battled two super-star players (Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal) who both wanted to run the ball club, the experience helped him to grow as a coach he said...

"But when an opportunity like this comes along, to build a team, to build a team the way that I envision a team playing, to work with quality individuals that they already have on this ball club," Rambis said. "David has done an incredible job of increasing our capability of adding the right pieces in the future, playing the style of ball that I like to teach."

Timberwolves fans are hopeful that Kurt Rambis will be able to teach winning and shape a championship worthy team. Coach Rambis and the Timberwolves make their debut on Wednesday October 28th against New Jersey.

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