Thursday, August 13, 2009

Task #1 for Kurt Rambis: Sign RUBIO

With the summer heat at its hottest and the last few weeks of summer clinging on, it seems only fitting that the Timberwolves soap-operatic relationship with Ricky Rubio continues. After finalizing a contract deal with new head coach Kurt Rambis this week, the Timberwolves number one objective now seems to be nailing down Ricky Rubio, the 18 year old from Spain. Rubio has been talked about by critics as having the potential to be the best point guard of his generation... that is if he can figure out how to deal with his Spanish ball-club and move to Minnesota.

In an interview this week Rambis said that Rubio wants to come here, he wants to play here but is trying to get all of the contract stuff figured out. Rambis also told reporters that if Rubio comes he would most definitely see playing time, probably as a starter even over Johnny Flynn who has already signed a contract with the Timberwolves. Perhaps, Rambis is trying to woo Rubio even harder. Though unless there is a monetary miracle, with the Timberwolves only legally allowed to contribute $500,000 to his buy out Ricky Rubio has a lot of cash to come up with in a big hurry.


Come to MN, Ricky! said...

I will totally buy Timberwolves tickets if Ricky Rubio signs!

Twin Cities Gal said...

That seems to be the consensus of quite a few Twin Cities dwellers... maybe Rubio is the stimulus package we should put our faith in