Friday, May 28, 2010

Important Game 6's for Suns and Magic

When the Lakers and Celtics both held 2-0 leads over the Suns and Magic, everyone was already talking about a Lakers-Celtics final. Well not so fast. Although it may be looking that way, the Suns are one box out away from possibly winning Game 5 against the Lakers and leading 3-2. Both the Magic and Suns trail 3-2 in the series as the Magic are trying to become the first team to erase a 3-0 deficit in playoff history. The Suns were crushed after a heartbreaking loss last night, but I fully expect them to bounce back from that and play well in front of their home crowd on Saturday night. Meanwhile, the Magic have to play their game in Boston, and that should be pretty difficult. That game will be treated with a game 7 like atmosphere, considering the Magic will go home for game 7 if they are able to win the game in Bean Town tonight. Whatever happens, I couldn't be happier that the Magic and Suns have given us a reason to watch the Conference Finals

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