Friday, July 23, 2010

The David Kahn Interview

Minnesota Timberwolf President David Kahn David Kahn again made some national headlines for an interview. Not the one with Chris Webber, but with KSTP-AM Radio this time. Yesterday, David Kahn told Patrick Reusse in an interview that new Minnesota Timberwolf Michael Beasley "used too much marijuana" while playing for the Miami Heat. Kahn also said that Beasley told him he's not smoking anymore and was ready to mature. That should be good news, because if Michael Beasley has the determination his talent is through the roof.

Sidenote -David Kahn went on to say that Chris Webber is a "schmuck" because of the Las Vegas Summer League interview...Kahn always keep it interesting in Minnesota land.


Anonymous said...

something tells me kahn is gonna get some flack for this one...not so sure if he shouldv been that open about it

Twolves Fan 2 said...

The Timberwolves can't make headlines for winning games or having talent so they have to stay in the news for something!