Thursday, May 24, 2012

Timberwolves and technology: Kevin Love becomes a co-founder of 12Society

When you arrive at the front page of 12Society, the first thing you see is the slogan "I am Kevin Love, and this is my company" next to a picture of said Timberwolf. It then gives you a chance to sign up, which would be nice if we knew what it was. Honestly, I have no idea what 12Society is. Nobody else seems to, either, since their "about us" reads "Dude, it's a secret, so shh!"

The company is designed to reach a young, predominantly male audience, but no one's entirely sure what it will be yet. Love has hinted that it is about technology and tech services, and from a player who's already so involved in social media, we'll see how it goes when it launches. Love has also said that he's actively involved in creating this company and will play a part throughout. Honestly, I'm just excited that they decided to put Kevin Love on the home page when there are other, arguably more recognizable celebrities involved (maybe it's a regional thing? Very possible)

When will it be launched? Dude, it's a secret.

Also, am I the only one excited for Especially since their teaser picture includes the headline "Kevin Love talks facial hair". ( already looks amazing, of course, so we'll see how the Timberwolves website compares)

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