Thursday, May 22, 2014

Joerger Bomb: T-Wolves Have A Legitimately Good Head Coaching Candidate (Fans Get Drunk With Excitement)

Despite the not so lovely situation involving Kevin Love this week, there actually has been some good news regarding a T-Wolves rumor (shocking I know). Namely, the possibility of a homecoming for Memphis Grizzles head coach Dave Joerger.

Given the recent reports on how Grizzles owner Robert Para has been essentially acting like an irrational toddler on a power trip (trust me, they are THE worst) it makes sense that Joerger would want to leave his current situation. And in even better news, following a radio interview Grizzles General Manager Chris Wallace did yesterday, it sounds like according to reporter Jon Krawcynski that if the Wolves want Joerger, “he’s theirs.”

And me oh my how I would love for Joerger to be the new T-Wolves head coach. My initial top candidate was Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg simply because his team’s shot chart is downright BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, for basketball stat heads like myself it’s like a Playboy centerfold. You look it and you’re like, “Is this real?” And, thankfully, unlike the assets on the majority of Playboy centerfolds, IT IS REAL!

But Joerger would be a great get as well because unlike Hoiberg, he actually has experience coaching in the NBA. Also, considering the fact Joerger was named head coach of the Grizzles by a management team including John Hollinger tells me that were he to become the next Timberwolves head coach, the T-Wolves would (finally) have a coach that takes advanced stats into account when making decisions. (Which is something I like, and is also something that cannot be said about Sam Mitchell - another head coach candidate, which, were he to get the job, would cause me to sigh in exasperation)

According to Krawcynski, the Wolves are likely to meet with Joerger today, so if any further news develops, check back here for more analysis.

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