Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joerger Bomb: T-Wolves Lose Top Head Coaching Candidate (Fans Try Not Drowning Their Sorrows With Jägerbombs)

With Joerger gone, the dream scenario is now George Karl. 

Welp. According to reports Dave Joerger is returning to the Grizzles after having a one on one conversation with man-child owner Robert Pera. This now leaves Sam Mitchell as the new number one head coaching candidate according to reports. 

Having already expressed my concern about hiring Sam Mitchell, I wish not to think about him standing on the sidelines. Instead, I will think of other happier things. Such as, potential dream head coaches that on paper could actually happen, but in reality are as likely to happen as Robert Pera playing Tony Allen in a game of one on one.  

1. George Karl

Ricky Rubio in a George Karl offense would bring great joy to the world. And considering I more than likely won’t be able to get a playoff birth out of the Wolves next year, the very least I and all fans could get is some joy.    

2. Lionel Hollins

Despite being a fan of basketball analytics, I understand they are not the end all be all. You don’t have to use them to be successful – case in point Lionel Hollins. An old school defensive minded coach who could unleash a defensive minded T-Wolves team for the first time since the KG days -- I would love to see what he would do with Rubio on the perimeter and Gorgui Dieng down low on the defensive end.


Anyone, I don’t care if it’s the video coordinator. Look at Atlanta with Mike Budenholzer and Philly with Brett Brown last year. Those two franchises now have two promising head coaches with them for a long time. Heck, Atlanta nearly knocked off the top seeded Pacers in the first round thanks to Budenholzer’s offensive strategy that gave the Pacers fits. The NBA isn’t as difficult as it seems. You do what Philly, Orlando and Atlanta has done – you hire people from the best and most progressive thinking front offices (i.e. Spurs, Thunder, Houston) to run your team. It’s not rocket science.

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