Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Timberwolves losing fan support even with wins?

I know that things are rough at the Target Center when I am getting emails from the Timberwolves ticket people offering half price Timberwolves tickets. I am shocked to read that $100 Twolves tickets are now only $50. Does this prove that the economy is bad? Or more likely the Timberwolves are bad, but really the Wolves have been doing better, so maybe the true reason for half price Timberwolves tickets is public perception of the Timberwolves is really bad.

The Wolves have won a few home games lately, but they have been against the other bottom feeder NBA teams so the wins don’t provide enough interest for Minnesota fans or earn their loyal support.

The Timberwolves next home game is Sunday March 30th vs the Utah Jazz. I am guessing the Wolves will lose by 10, but there isn’t much else going on in the Twin Cities so fans might as well take in the NBA game.

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