Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Timberwolves Beat the Jazz

Well, I was wrong about my Timberwolves Jazz score. I should have checked the roster report before I shoot off my mouth because the Jazz were without starters Andrei Kirilenko (injured) and Mehmet Okur (ill). It was the second time in five weeks that the Timberwovles beat the Jazz, I just couldn’t believe that they would be able to do that this season. I am glad the Wolves proved me wrong and they have been proving my Timberwolves quarter joke wrong the last few weeks as well.

The stat is this:
The Wolves lost eight of the first 13 times they led going into the fourth quarter this season. They now have won the past four games in which they led after three quarters and are 10-4 in that category since winning at Golden State on January 21st.

Way to improve Wolves! Let’s hope the end of the season chemistry we are seeing on the Timberwolves team can carry over to next year.

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