Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did I speak too soon... Disaster or Drama?

This may be one Timberwolves fan who has to eat crow. Last week I promised a disaster free draft with Kahn at the helm calling the shots, and while that may be the case it now seems that we have swapped out disaster for drama.

The Timberwolves drafted Ricky Rubio, the 18 year old hot-shot player from Spain, last week. However before the announcement was even done echoing the rumors started flying that Rubio would not be coming to play for the Timberwolves and would take another season to play in Spain. The party line is that this is due to the large buy-out that Rubio has left on his contract with Spain. The gossip mill however has run wild and the favorite reason for Rubio's potential blow-off is that he has no interest in playing for the Timberwolves and he is waiting a year so he can re-enter the draft and attempt to be drafted by a team he feels would be more suited for him. Whatever the real reason is for why Rubio may or may not be seen in Minnesota this season is really unknown.... one thing is sure, if the drama continues this may be the excitement that Timberwolves basketball needs to boost ticket sales.

In all the Rubio hype, second draft pick Johnny Flynn has been left out of the media but in some critics opinions this point-guard from Syracuse could be just as talented as Rubio and half of the drama. Some cynics are saying that the Timberwolves are just holding onto Rubio so they can trade him later for someone who would play well next to Flynn.
As all things sports, time will tell. One thing is for sure though, if the rumors and gossiping don't stop soon this season of basketball will be more like the Hills than pro-sports.


A new found Love of Basketball said...

Ricky Rubio is SO good looking, I would LOVE to see him here in the cities!

Twovles Fan said...

I totally agree, he is really good looking... I hope that he gets it together though, the Timberwolves could really use a great play-maker.