Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Timberwolves Ricky Rubio Watch Update

Ricky Rubio looking more like a Jonas Brother than a NBA starHere’s the skinny on “Rubio Watch 2010”:

Kurt Rambis visited Europe on a scouting trip, met Ricky Rubio for the first time, kissed his butt, Rubio liked it.

Ricky Rubio describes himself as “... a colorful, attractive, spectacular basketball player."

Say what?!?! I think colorful and attractive are interesting word choices. I would rather see determined, athletic, tenacious, intense, strong, forceful etc. Rubio sounds like he is describing a Harlem Globetrotter more than a NBA star...and actually at this point I would welcome a Globetrotter with open arms onto the Timberwolves team.

*Doesn't Ricky Rubio look like a Jonas Brother in this picture? or at the very least the next Disney Channel tween hearthrob*

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Anonymous said...

Even a colorful game is an odd choice of words. How about a determined game or an intense game. Colorful? The Timberwolves need a workhorse, not a show pony.