Friday, July 11, 2014

A Letter To the Cleveland Cavaliers

Dear Cleveland Cavaliers,

Hi, congrats on landing the greatest basketball player in the world today, that doesn’t happen very often for most teams.

Anyway, so hey, now with Kyrie and LeBron, you guys are one super star away from having your very own Big Three. So I was thinking, the Timberwolves have their very own disgruntled super star by the name of Kevin Love. Meanwhile, you guys have this ultra talented kid by the name of Andrew Wiggins. The first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, if my facts are correct.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It would benefit everybody to swap Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins. I don’t know how it would line up contractually, but throw in a vet guy with a big contract and the only person you would have to give up is Wiggins. Keep Waiters and Thompson. AND FOR PETE SAKES KEEP ANTHONY BENNET OFF A BASKETBALL COURT (jk lol you guys, if you want to throw him in you can. I’d be more than happy enough to take a flyer on him).

Now picks would be a sweet cherry on top, but hey, I’m a nice down on his luck T-Wolves fan looking for any glimmer of hope I can get. And Andrew Wiggins would provide this franchise with its biggest glimmer of hope yet (or at least since Ricky Rubio came over).

In conclusion, I think it's a deal you should really think about. Remember it would be benefit everybody.  



Flip, if you somehow wind up reading this (which is highly unlikely I know), and you trade K-Love to the Cavs without getting Wiggins back. I swear… I won’t even. This will be my reaction:

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